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Video protocol: Wetting the membrane

Below is a video protocol for wetting a sepcon device. There is no audio but amounts are detailed.

Importing Gasket Geometries to Silhouette from Sketchup

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Procedure for Fabrication of Fluorescent BSA

The following procedure is a first draft of the procedure used by Jim and I in an attempt to label BSA with TRITC. This is likely to be updated with photos of the procedure in the future. Prepare reaction buffer

SEPCON assembly – written description

Following is a written protocol for SEPCON assembly.  (Here is a link to a video demonstration) Materials required: wafer tweezers, small sample tweezers (preferably plastic), soft foam board from craft store, wafer of sepcon chips, razor blade, plastic enclosure to

Video detailing SEPCON assembly

SEPCON assembly

Protocols for SCAG Usage

How to use the McGrath Lab Surface Contact Angle Goniometer (SCAG) to collect image data for the established uses. Please refer to the SCAG Setup Protocols for assembly instructions. Note that the details of established uses will be covered in a

Protocols for SCAG Setup

How to prepare the McGrath Lab Surface Contact Angle Goniometer (SCAG) from a disassembled form. I will create detailed posts on potential uses in the future. GENERAL NOTES Based on the McGrath Lab SCAG as it was on May 16th, 2013 Instrument

Protocols of cell culture and seeding cells on CytoVu

I got some experiences in dealing with cells. This is for your reference.  Aseptic Technique and Good Cell Culture Practice  Sanitize the cabinet using 70% ethanol before commencing work.  Sanitize gloves by washing them in 70% ethanol  Put all materials

Ag/AgCl Electrodes

I’ve been working over the holiday on trying to make Ag/AgCl electrodes.  Here’s the method I’ve come up with so far: 1. 99.99% silver wire is used as the anode (+) and platinum as the cathod (-). 2. Silver wire