Makerbot Replicator 2x Open for ABS prints

Recently, Jim has purchased a Makerbot 2x printer for our group. I’ve spent the last few weeks printing and debugging. It has the capability to print many different types of material, along with 2 separate nozzles. I have been able to get many fine prints done with ABS plastic, and I’ve put together a basic guide that will allow people to run the machine (n = Tejas), printing out previously designed builds. I am currently working on other parts of the guide that will describe how to design and slice up models for printing, how to finish parts, and how to weld printed pieces together.

We will be able to print PLA and dissolvable filaments in this printer as well, but I haven’t determined the best settings for these yet.

A creator of unorthodox membranes, Greg is a McGrath Lab Postdoctoral Associate working on incorporating nanomembranes into a variety of devices. He originally created a device intended for use in co-culture, integrating both electrical and optical metrology. He is collaborator with Kevin Webb, Flavius Pascut, and Emilia Moradi  (University of Nottingham) on the incorporation of nanomembrane technology into Raman spectroscopy, as well as Vincent Tabard-Cossa and Kyle Briggs (University of Ottawa) on the integration of nanomembranes into a DNA nanopore sensor device.

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