ALine Modular Device Geometry

Device Dimensions

Device Style


Top Well Surface Area

Top Well Volume

Bottom Channel Surface Area (full – use for coating calculations)*

Bottom Channel Surface Area (one surface – use for cell seeding calculations)*

Bottom Channel Volume

Version 1 (V1)

~37 mm^2 100 µl (can hold up to 115 µl) ~90 mm^2 ~42 mm^2 10 µl (pipet 20 µl to avoid bubbles)

Version 2 (V2)

~37 mm^2 100 µl (can hold up to 115 µl) ~70 mm^2 ~35 mm^2 30 µl

*see bottom channel area explanations at bottom of the page for visuals

Component 1 (V1) – Top Well

Component 2 (V1) – Bottom Channel

Completed Device (V1)

Total volume of bottom channel including access ports: 10 µl

Bottom Channel Area Explanations

Bottom Channel Surface Area (full)

Coating molecules adhere to the full surface area of the channel

Bottom Channel Surface Area (one surface)

Cells settle on the bottom of the channel (top side if the device is flipped), and do not attach to any other surface area

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  1. Jim says:

    Can you upload similar component images for V2? I can’t recall if both the top and bottom components are changed.

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