COMSOL Multiphysics

To install COMSOL Multiphysics 5.0 using the Class Kit License:

NOTE: the old instructions will most likely fail as our license agreement is out of date. The new procedure for installation on a Mac is to copy the COMSOL folder from the Applications folder on a Mac on which the software is already installed. I have it on a flash drive if you prefer. If you have a PC you will be out of luck because Gross.

———- The following has been deprecated. (Wednesday, August 2, 2017 )————–

To download the software, visit

  • Log in using the COMSOL Access account…

user name:

PW: Goergen102

Download Version 5.0

BLUEHIVE and COMSOL 5.3 – Last edited 07/03/2019 by Alec Salminen

To access COMSOL through BLUEHIVE on the lab computer please follow these instructions:

  1. Create an account with CIRC through the following link:
  2. Enroll in DUO:
  3. On the lab computer, open up Terminal and type the following comand (replace [netID] with your ID): ssh -N -L 1718:circ-license-manager:1718 [netID]
  4. Hit enter, and enter your password when prompted
  5. Accept the DUO authorization request
  6. Open COMSOL and you should be good to go!
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  1. Tucker Burgin says:

    Account name and password for COMSOL:

  2. Dean Johnson says:

    COMSOL 5.6 is available on the class kit license. It uses the same license server and current installs of 5.0 should still work. Since we have a license for it, you can download 5.6 from the COMSOL web page. Contact Dr. Johnson for details.

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